Partners with Google! Analytics Certified

I am excited to say that I finally completed the Google Analytic certification. After taking a long online class familiarizing myself with Google Analytics and how it works I was able to take the final exam for AnalyticsAnalytics cert

Rein, A. (4/25/17). Exam Certification [Screenshot]. Retrieved from

Google Analytics is a web service that Google provides to its users that allows them to track information from their personal website. By inserting a piece of java code into your personal website Analytics will send information, like user data, store data, and browser data to your Analytic account. With the information you receive, you can plan out marketing strategies or segment your audience. Being able to see what is happening, on your website can change how you create your brand.

For me personally, I want to build my brand as a movie lover on my WordPress blog. Now that I know how to use Analytics I can figure out how people use and find my site and what kind of people they are. I hope that knowing how to use this can help me build my brand better and in a smarter way.

In terms of building a resume, I hope that people in the advertising and communications field will see that I have completed Google’s Analytics course and be more inclined to hire me. I believe that knowing how to manage a site through Analytics is one of the strongest things for a college student to know when they graduate.

Rein, A. (4/25/17). Course Certification [Screenshot]. Retrieved from


Student Life Is the Life

I had the opportunity to visit the student life awards ceremony. It was an awesome event with lots of students and student organizations in attendance. I was there to support my club, Tae Kwon Do and my roommate’s club, Polish Club. TKD club came home with three awards: the club of the year dedicated activity and the best officer award for one of our members.


I also had the opportunity to meet with some other clubs and I really look forward to checking them out next year. I was ecstatic for the club I participate in and with Grand Valley. I found out that we have one of the biggest club participation in the nation which made me proud of our school.

Career Networking

Everybody has to have a career at some point. It can be hard to decide what you want to do. Deciding what you want to do is a big decision! Personally, I was unsure of what I wanted to do, as a psychology major with a minor in advertising I have interests in both fields. In psychology, I think it’s very interesting to learn how people think about things and how their environment/situation molds their thinking. In advertising, I love media and managing and making media really peaks my interest. I took a trip to my college’s career center to find what my options are.


After visiting the career center I learned about finding a graduate program in psychology that would lead me to be able to open a counseling practice in Michigan. It made me excited for the next year of college and the thought of finding my career path!

Social Media Managment

An important part of building your personal brand is using social media to promote yourself. There are benefits like making people aware of you, interacting with others, and networking with others in your community. Sometimes you get busy though and there are tools available to help you stay on track. Tweetdeck is a twitter tool that allows you to manage your twitter account with the ability to schedule tweets and view multiple Twitter streams at once. I personally set up to tweet five separate times in the next couple months. Each time my scheduled tweets are coming out for milestones, like the end of school and certain movies that I’m interested in.

Rein, A. (4/20/17). Tweetdeck [Screenshot]. From

Using this method I am excited to see what responses tweets that I have forgotten about will get. Scheduling tweets in advance when you have other obligations is helpful to keep your social media active.

Working in the Field

Looking for work after and during college is important. If you are able to find an internship during school it will put you on a better path to finding a job when you complete college. One way to find an internship or job is using the website

Auden, R. (4/13/17). ZipRecruiter [Screenshot]. Retrieved

For me, I looked for 5 jobs that I would be interested in having after I graduate from college.

Marketing and Social Media Intern: Belwith Products


College Junior/Senior with Marketing/Advertising Major

Microsoft office, social media platforms, Adobe creative suite

Digital Media Manager: Van Andel Institute


Bachelors Digital Marketing/Advertising

HTML, CSS and web design, Photoshop, video editing, google analytics

Junior Marketing Assistant: Eminence Management Inc.


College degree in Advertising/Marketing

Social media, Microsoft Office

Marketing Spcialist: Mijer Inc.


5+ years experience and Bachelors degree in Marketing/Advertising

Excel, Social media, Microsoft office

Marketing communications coordinator: EMI


0-5 Years of experience

Social Media, Microsoft office, related software

I think that having a plan for after college is important. There are lots of useful tools to use that can help you find a career in the field you want. It’s worth checking out when you can.


Exploring Business InDesign

Everyone needs a business card. It’s no secret that having a business card is a useful tool when you own your own website, business, or brand. But what does a business card do? Having a card can help you with lots of different things: networking, recognition, and easy access to your personal information. When you give out your card to people they remember you. They think of your company when they need your services. A card will help people find your business over others.

For me, a business card can help people find my site and contact me for work.  Since I didn’t have a card and I didn’t want to pay a lot of money I made my own card in Adobe InDesign.Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 9.28.38 AM

Rein, A. (March 30, 2017). Auden Rein Business Card [Screenshot]. Retrieved from Adobe InDesign.

It took effort to learn how to use InDesign but I thought that it was a valuable tool. I mostly just tried to use as many tools as I could to make my card. If I was trying to be more proficient I would try to learn more from YouTube videos and tutorials on the internet. But I’m happy with what I came up with.Business card

Rein, A. (March 30, 2017). Business Card [Screenshot]. Retrieved from Adobe InDesign.

Search Engine Optimization for my MOVIE VIDEO Blog

First! Being at the top is a common desire especially on the internet. Tons of people try to be the first to comment on a YouTube video or post. Even more, they try to make sure that their online business appears first in the Google results. I tried to come up with terms I believe that people would search in order to find my site. I came up with “Movies,” “Blog,” “Review,” “Personal brand,” and “Frames.” All these words appear somewhere on my site so I thought they might be useful to consider when I tried to optimize (SEO) my site. However, a useful tool called Google Ads Keyword Tool helped me pick out five additional keywords that I could use to optimize my site.


Rein, A. (16 March, 2017). Google ad keywords search [Screenshot]. Retrieved from

In order to properly take advantage of the keywords, I plan on making five independent sentences that use one keyword each.

  • SXSW is a Film Festival going on right now in Austin TX! It’s worth checking out some of the entries.
  • Internet movies are taking over as the primary way to watch movies. Check out some good movies on Netflix or HBO.
  • I had a great time learning Video Programs to create my trailer analysis video.
  • I hope one day my blog will be one of the Top Blogs on WordPress.
  • The reason I created this blog is that I really enjoy the medium of Movie Video.

I believe that optimizing your website is a big deal and everyone should try it out. Hopefully, there is enough info here for you to take a shot at moving your blog up the ranks of Google!

“Film Festival” 10k-100k average searches

“Internet Movies” 1k-10k average searches

“Video Programs” 1k-10k average searches

“Top Blogs” 1k-10k average searches

“Movie Video” 10k-100k average searches


Take Me to the Photoshop

Photoshop is an interesting tool. I have never used Photoshop for anything serious before. Today I had the opportunity to learn about it.

Most of what I knew about Photoshop came from what I saw on the internet from people making jokes and interesting competitions on Reddit. This time I had the challenge of learning the tools of Photoshop to combine two images and apply a filter to them. This wasn’t a challenging task but it did take some time to figure out how to do.

I started with the first two images. I used the magic selection tool to distinguish between the background of the first image and the guy meditating. This step took me a bit since I had to zoom in and delete part of the image between his arms and the selection tool wasn’t picking what I wanted.

Overall I had fun doing this and am considering making a few more just for fun.

Trailer Analysis (Video)


Rein, A. (2/21/2017). Timeline [Screenshot]. Retrieved from Final Cut Pro

Creating a video is tough. I have never before been a video editor but I always thought of it as a valuable skill to have. Coming up with the initial idea of what to film was a bit of a challenge. As soon as I came up with the idea to make a trailer analysis things began to move along. I created a storyboard that demonstrated what I wanted my video to look like and after that, I wrote a script.


Learning Final Cut Pro was a bit of a challenge but once I was able to figure it out I really got moving on my video project. I think it really is valuable to be proficient in some sort of video editing software if you intend to be an internet presence. Whether you are a blogger or a Youtuber or an Instagram user, learning to edit videos is important.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for here is the video I made.

Infograph It!

Presenting information in a clear and understandable way is an important task when you want to communicate a message. You can convey a message in an organized, fun way with an Infographic. Infographics are visual images like graphs, diagrams or pictographs that convey a message in a fun and inviting way. Below is my infographic that I created using Piktochart a website with Infographic templates.

I wanted to communicate the process of picking a movie theater and show what my personal favorite theater is. I really enjoy the Alamo Draft House theater because of its extreme movie culture, which includes old movie posters, pre-feature videos of old B-movies and special events. They serve you food while the movie plays, so visitors get the whole dinner-and-a-movie experience.

Next time you need to communicate something use an Infographic. If you use one in an advertising class without it being assigned your professor will be surprised and glad that you used one.